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12 hour (2 session) intensive

About the Course

International Development Programmes


A 12 hour (2 session) intensive development programme that provides a focus on Values, Diversity and Engagement and their contribution to business progress and success.


A concentration on the business and people aspects of organisation development. The visible intentions and delivery of business progress allied to people best practices from a values, diversity and engagement perspective.


At the end of the programme participants will have increased their capability and confidence to contribute to an enhanced Brand and Employment Experience implementation that aids organizational and business success.


Essentially examining the key aspects of organisational development and progress from the practical perspective of aligning strategic business deliverables with people initiatives that work to enhance that delivery.

1. Vision, Mission and Values Context for strategic intent, embedding and delivering

2. Employment Brand and Employment Experience Responding to the demands of the led. An updated look at how employment experiences are being shaped and improved in response to changing generational workforce demands.

3. Values Driving appropriate behaviours via value driven approaches. A key initiative for many which few have implemented effectively.

4. Diversity Attracting and selecting best fit talent from wherever it originates. A specific look at the impact of improved gender diversity.

5. Engagement A key driver of success for an increasing number of organisations. Specific approaches and initiatives to improve workforce engagement – gaining willing commitment!

6. Business and People Alignment and more alignment for best results – practical initiatives

***Key action points and takeaways for both organisation and the individual.***


On completion of the programme the participants will have:

•Increased their knowledge, skills and confidence to provide a leading edge ODD service totheir organisation/business that enhances their “employer of choice” brand.

•Identified and used key tools in organisational design to offer efficient structural approachesto their organisation/business.

•Identified key work experiences that lead to talent attraction and retention and comparedthese to their current organisation practices.

•Focused on three main areas of improving organisational development, namely embeddingappropriate values, creating a diverse workforce (particularly gender diverse) and enhancingengagement.

•Clearly constructed a transfer of learning action plan that implements progressiveorganisational development in their own organisation i.e. creating an “employer of choice”.

NB. An interactive yet stretching programme that can be enjoyed by anyone in organisational or business life who is interested in progressing the aligned business and people agenda for success.

Your Instructor

Prof. Dr. Joel Farnworth

Prof. Dr. Joel Farnworth

Professor Dr. Joel Farnworth DBA, MAML, EGTF. Dean of Business & Management Studies EIU-Paris.
Joel has extensive experience in the corporate world in both Learning and Senior HR roles – his last being Head of Global Talent and Learning for HSBC. He has worked in 44 countries and with 55 nationalities – many via participation in his learning programmes.
His current role with EIU-Paris allows him to focus of the design and delivery of a number of online, live virtual and live learning programmes and specifically with the development of those holding or looking to take on learning roles.

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