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12 hour (2 session) intensive

About the Course


A 12 hour (2 session) intensive development programme that highlights the key elements of implementing impactive performance, development and reward best practice.


The strategic alignment and engagement of a workforce has become a key competitive challenge for most organisations. This programme highlights what we have learned in terms of best practices and approaches that ensure strategic intentions are delivered (performance management) and at least two parts of engagement is satisfied (development and rewards management).


At the completion of the programme participants will have practiced and developed their capability and confidence to manage individual and business performance in line with strategic intent via impactive performance, development and differentiated rewards best practice.


A variety of activities that design and deliver best practice performance, development and rewards management.

1. Performance Management A delivery mechanism for the strategic intent of a business.

2. Development Management The continuous process of performance and capability assessment and development.

3. Rewards Management Differentiated rewards in line with performance and potential.

4. Performance, Development and Rewards Connections for meaningful outcomes.

5. Appetite and attitude Key determinants of success.

6. Outcomes and links to other pieces of the “employer of choice” puzzle.

***Key action points and takeaways for both the organisation and the individual.***


On completion of the programme participants will have;

•Increased their knowledge, skills and confidence to execute international standardperformance, development and reward management.

•Clarified Performance Management’s (PM) role in the delivery of strategic intentions andplans.

•Identified and practiced the key stages of best practice PM including KPI setting, what andhow achievement reviews and objective differentiated performance ratings.

•Experienced the value of development reviews, how to conduct them and offer appropriatelearning post the review.

•Examined and determined the most attractive “mix” of a fixed, variable and benefits rewardsapproach to attract and retain best talent.

•Clearly constructed a transfer of learning action plan that progresses their organization’sperformance, development and reward approaches to attract/retain talent and improve bottomline deliverables.

NB. An interactive yet stretching programme that can be enjoyed by HR professionals and Business leaders and managers alike.

Your Instructor

Prof. Dr. Joel Farnworth

Prof. Dr. Joel Farnworth

Professor Dr. Joel Farnworth DBA, MAML, EGTF. Dean of Business & Management Studies EIU-Paris.
Joel has extensive experience in the corporate world in both Learning and Senior HR roles – his last being Head of Global Talent and Learning for HSBC. He has worked in 44 countries and with 55 nationalities – many via participation in his learning programmes.
His current role with EIU-Paris allows him to focus of the design and delivery of a number of online, live virtual and live learning programmes and specifically with the development of those holding or looking to take on learning roles.

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