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Growth Mindset




3 Days

About the Course

Growth Mindset - Infusing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Big Business.

Unlocking the Potential of Big Business with the Principles of Entrepreneurial Genius.


Research suggests that companies where a growth mindset permeates are more successful. These companies experience higher productivity from more motivated staff, with better collaboration and innovation.

Resilience Expert, Dr Paul Charles will be your Facilitator in this workshop on how to create, build, strengthen, and maintain a growth mindset for every aspect of your business and personal life.

If you are looking to improve your own leadership capabilities, your confidence, and your own personal success, then this workshop is for you.


Who this Workshop is for:

• Top-tier Executives

• Collaborative Managers

• Innovative Employees

• Front-line Leaders

• Dynamic Entrepreneurs

Research has found that companies that adopt Growth Mindset approaches observe higher levels of trust between employees, higher levels of engagement, more creativity and innovation as well as a reduction in “unethical behaviour” and “blame game” cultures.

In this thought-provoking, interactive and engaging workshop you will immerse yourself into the essence of a Growth Mindset and explore how it can be developed in your organisation.


Day One:

  • Examining Implicit Theories of Intelligence and

  • How it Affects Business Strategy

  • how it can Increase the Profit Margin of Your Business.

Day Two:

  • Exploring the Principles of Neuro-plasticity & Neuro-genesis

  • How to apply these principles to Increase Employee Engagement,

  • How to Inspire Creativity and Strengthen the Profit Thread of Your Business.

Day Three:

  • Evoking the Desire in Your Clients and Customers

  • Activating your clients Purchasing Power for your Services and Products to Exponentially Increase Nett Profit for your Business.


  • Group discussions

  • Case study critique

  • Individual and Group presentations

  • Debate

  • Role play

  • Interactive Q&A

  • And various other innovative & trending delivery methods

Your Instructor

Dr. Paul Charles

Dr. Paul Charles

Dr Paul Charles holds a Doctor in Psychology Degree with research emphasis on how to use the core principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and extrapolate models for Resilience in Business, Professional and Personal Development.

He is Author of the Books: “Business Resilience” and “Resilient Thinking.” His credibility as a Certified Ethics Officer and insights as a qualified Business Rescue Practitioner has helped hundreds of businesses and Leaders pivot towards success inspite of disruptive market challenges. He is noted for Infusing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Big Business and Unlocking the Potential of Big Business with the Principles of Entrepreneurial Genius.

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