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Symbiosis 211




3 Days

About the Course

Given the current economic difficulties, the aftermath of Covid, with increasing global competition, downsizings, long hours cultures, intrinsic job insecurity and a more robust, bottom-line management style, the work-life balance agenda has never been more important!


In the midst of this environment, now is the time to focus on - rather than ignore - the impact that work and home can have on each other.

European International University (EIU - PARIS) has been partnering with Resilience Coaching International, Bangkok School of Management (BSM) & with individuals and organisations to Break Barriers, Transcend Limitations and Bounce Back: tackling the pressures and strains being experienced by Business organisations and individuals who work in those organisations. We have systematically highlighted the mutually positive benefits that a healthy dynamic between work and “home-life” can bring - This is an Asian concept that is gaining traction in USA, Europe and Australia. Let’s do it Intentionally!


In order to help corporates and big businesses remain productive and competitive entities, it was necessary to explore the factors that affect quality of work and non-work life. Our research unveiled that there is a positive connection between Work Engagement and Profit to Business and Relationship Quality & Family Vitality. It is now a reality that Work Engagement and Relationship Quality significantly predict one another. Work Engagement/performance and Relationship Quality are positively associated with each other: high or low levels in either correlate respectively to high or low levels in the other.


This means that Relationship Quality is an appreciating asset in an organisation, and one that requires investment. The qualitative data illustrate that a stable, positive home/family life was shown to enable people to be more engaged in their work, perform six times better and yield greater profit for the business.

Symbiosis 211 is a Unique Workshop designed by a Business Analyst, Business Rescue Practitioner and Author of the Program: Business Resilience

Your Instructor

Dr. Paul Charles

Dr. Paul Charles

Dr Paul Charles holds a Doctor in Psychology Degree with research emphasis on how to use the core principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and extrapolate models for Resilience in Business, Professional and Personal Development.

He is Author of the Books: “Business Resilience” and “Resilient Thinking.” His credibility as a Certified Ethics Officer and insights as a qualified Business Rescue Practitioner has helped hundreds of businesses and Leaders pivot towards success inspite of disruptive market challenges. He is noted for Infusing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Big Business and Unlocking the Potential of Big Business with the Principles of Entrepreneurial Genius.

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