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European International University-Paris

Train your workforce to thrive in tough times With An Award-Winning Organisation.

Corporate workshops and training programmes can benefit you by teaching relevant skills and knowledge that can help you advance in your career. These workshops are designed to help participants understand the latest trends and advances in their particular field, as well as develop key skills such as communication, problem-solving, creativity, and team-building. They also provide a forum to network with colleagues and peers. Finally, attending such workshops can boost the morale of employees by demonstrating the organization’s commitment to their development.

Given the current economic difficulties, the aftermath of Covid, with increasing global competition, downsizings, long hours cultures, intrinsic job insecurity and a more robust, bottom-line management style, the work-life balance agenda has never been more important!

In the midst of this environment, now is the time to focus on - rather than ignore - the impact that work and home can have on each other.

Research suggests that companies where a growth mindset permeates are more successful. These companies experience higher productivity from more motivated staff, with better collaboration and innovation.

In order to help corporates and big businesses remain productive and competitive entities, it was necessary to explore the factors that affect quality of work and non-work life. Our research unveiled that there is a positive connection between Work Engagement and Profit to Business and Relationship Quality & Family Vitality. It is now a reality that Work Engagement and Relationship Quality significantly predict one another. Work Engagement/performance and Relationship Quality are positively associated with each other: high or low levels in either correlate respectively to high or low levels in the other.

Man at his living room

Ravi Gupta

The faculty, course content and practical knowledge gained were very satisfying – looking forward to a long-term association.

Confident Businessman

Lee Kuan

Our department benefited immensely from the program. We have recommended the same to other programmes.

Young Doctor

Maryam Fatemah

I am a graduate of EIU-Paris as well and was amazed to attend their training workshop in Dubai

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Prof. Dr. Joel Farnworth (Dean of Business School)

Upskill your employees- Emerge stronger from the crisis with proven process improvements 

8 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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  • 8+ years of experience

  • 20,000+ executives trained so far

  • Customized Training Programs

  • Training and Consulting- An integrated approach

  • World-renowned faculty panel

  • Training assessments

  • 1000+ reviews

  • 500+ corporates benefitted so far

  • 100% positive feedback

Workshop Series by
Prof. Dr. Joel Farnworth

Professor Dr. Joel Farnworth DBA, MAML, EGTF. Dean of Business & Management Studies EIU-Paris.
Joel has extensive experience in the corporate world in both Learning and Senior HR roles 


Workshop Series by
Dr. Paul Charles

He is Author of the Books: “Business Resilience” and “Resilient Thinking.” His credibility as a Certified Ethics Officer and insights as a qualified Business Rescue Practitioner has helped hundreds of businesses and Leaders pivot towards success inspite of disruptive market challenges

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