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12 hour (2 session) intensive

About the Course

International Development Programmes


A 12 hour (2 session) intensive development programme that highlights the essential priorities in designing and delivering a strategic workforce plan and the contribution this makes to business progress and success.


Detailed coverage of all aspects involved in creating and implementing an impactive strategic workforce plan – including understanding business strategy, the “talent” needed to deliver that strategy and how to ensure that talent is provided to the business as required.


At the end of the programme, participants will have raised their capability and confidence to deliver a strategic workforce plan in line with the requirements of the organisation/business plans.


Essentially covering the determination of the roles, capabilities and numbers of people required to deliver the business strategy and the changes that will need to be implemented as progress is made through the strategic plan period.

1. Creating Business Strategy Competitive advantage and strategic intentions to be implemented.

2. Aligning the People Agenda to Strategic Business Delivery Start points and priority delivery to timelines.

3. Structural efficiency, Cost vs. Income Determinants Reductions/additions to the workforce.

4. People Trends Choosing and re-choosing employers. Becoming an employer of choice.

5. The People Plan Quarterly needs, movements and changes for the strategic period.

6. Key Deliverables HIPO talent and senior succession plans.

***Key action points and takeaways for both the organisation and the individual.***


On completion of the programme the participants will have;

•Increased their knowledge, skills and confidence to create, provide and deliver a strategicworkforce plan in line with their organisations strategic intentions.

•Determined a business strategy and assessed how to align the right numbers and quality ofpeople to deliver that strategy.

•Established the “right” structure to deliver the intended strategy and the “right” people to fillthat structure.

•Explored the importance of “people trends” to attract and retain best talent to fill theworkforce plan.

•Clearly constructed a transfer of learning action plan that provides for their implementation ofa strategic workforce plan in their own organisation/business.

NB. An interactive yet stretching programme that can be enjoyed by HR professionals and business and function line leaders/managers alike.

Your Instructor

Prof. Dr. Joel Farnworth

Prof. Dr. Joel Farnworth

Professor Dr. Joel Farnworth DBA, MAML, EGTF. Dean of Business & Management Studies EIU-Paris.
Joel has extensive experience in the corporate world in both Learning and Senior HR roles – his last being Head of Global Talent and Learning for HSBC. He has worked in 44 countries and with 55 nationalities – many via participation in his learning programmes.
His current role with EIU-Paris allows him to focus of the design and delivery of a number of online, live virtual and live learning programmes and specifically with the development of those holding or looking to take on learning roles.

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