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Marketing Psychology




3 Days

About the Course

If profit is the bottom line then marketing should be every employee’s priority: capturing the Heart and Mind of your Potential Customers. Discover how to turn customers and Clients into brand Ambassadors. Understand what your target audience are driven by and how to touch those feelings. Learn how to position yourself for Collaboration and market penetration. Effective and proven ways to pursue new markets.


You will also learn how to build a psychological and emotional marketing plan based on customer insight and competitor analysis, including segmentation, targeting, positioning and finally conditioning.


You will learn how to Develop a brand strategy. Develop a brand strategy and positioning, leading to the creation and management of communication, pricing and distribution strategies with a focus on new social media.


You will be skilled on how to Evaluate new markets. Explore the implications of serving multiple markets and of the emergence of new markets as opportunities for sales growth and as threats – resulting from new brands entering your home markets.


Is this workshop for you?


 Yes, if you are passionate about and believe in your product, brand or company and believe that more people need to benefit from your service or product. If you want to experience an exponential increase in sales and loyalty from your customers - then you cannot miss this interactive and engaging workshop. This is the perfect workshop for executives with, or about to take up, marketing responsibilities; and those executives outside the marketing discipline, but whose role interacts with this function including sales and promotions managers.


You can expect to learn about the shortcuts to plug into purchasing decisions of customers and clients. These shortcuts can help you to understand, predict, and leverage their behaviors in your favor without manipulation. You will discover the ways to influence their actions—actions they will be glad they took.

Your Instructor

Dr. Paul Charles

Dr. Paul Charles

Dr Paul Charles holds a Doctor in Psychology Degree with research emphasis on how to use the core principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and extrapolate models for Resilience in Business, Professional and Personal Development.

He is Author of the Books: “Business Resilience” and “Resilient Thinking.” His credibility as a Certified Ethics Officer and insights as a qualified Business Rescue Practitioner has helped hundreds of businesses and Leaders pivot towards success inspite of disruptive market challenges. He is noted for Infusing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Big Business and Unlocking the Potential of Big Business with the Principles of Entrepreneurial Genius.

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